How to create an opt-in form

& offer a free download in Wix


So you have some amazing resources to share with your website visitors but not sure how to make this happen in Wix?

I've got your covered in two easy steps!

Step 1:

Create your opt-in offer form



What is the Opt-in?

This is a form that you use to collect your website visitor's email addresses in exchange for your free resource/guide/tips/tricks so you can communicate with them and build trust over time.

Please note that there are several ways that you can create this (via the 3rd party app like MailChimp) but what I'm about to show you will use the available Wix tools at no extra cost.


If your website has visitors from Europe, you can customize the form to stay in compliance too...yay! More info about the GDPR.

Step 2:

Send a downloadable pdf (your opt-in offer) to your new subscribers

Simply subscribe below, you will receive a link to view video tutorials.

If you have Gmail, check under "Promotion".

Let's get the opt-in offer party started :)

Subscribe and start sharing your amazing opt-in offer