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"The Struggle is real! " - You thought


As a small business owner, it's challenging when you're the only person running your business. 

Do you often feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and stressful when it comes to finding more customers and time to do marketing?



What if someone can help you relieve your marketing headaches and free up your time?





Are you looking to create a beautiful and functional website


a professional business photography?



Reach more customers with eye-catching visual content:

Website Design








..Help is on your way..


Life is busier than ever but help is on your way.


Because clients' peace of mind is the heart of my operation, I travel to your location and am available late nights and weekends to make the whole process easier and less stressful. You'll never feel like you're left out in the cold.


"A choice you can trust"



Because client's experience matters..

Tatiwa helped me with building my office website. She also was able to handle video and photography for me.


She is very professional and fast. What I liked most was how patient she was in getting information from me with my crazy schedule. She received basic information and transformed it into the script that is on my site.


She also showed us how to handle everything step by step and made it a very easy transition to take over. Hands down I would recommend Tatiwa for anyone wanting a professional web presence by a professional.



Christa & Dr. Dennis Ellison via Facebook    


www.HelloRedBarn.com  |  www.DennisMyDentist.com



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..You're unique and so is your business..

You are the heart and soul of your business. I strongly believe that your website should be able to tell your stories and communicate what matters to you and your customers.


Each website shouldn't look, feel, or speak the same because you and your business is unique in your own way.



A design that focuses on

the client's experience

"Tatiwa, LLC, was a pleasure to work with.


From start to finish, Watita's professional approach in creating my website, displayed her extensive knowledge of various applications.


Watita was very helpful in introducing me to new ideas that made my website unique. Her ideas were also instrumental in making my website a user-friendly experience for everyone to enjoy.


You should make Tatiwa, LLC your go-to place for creative and new website ideas."







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