About Dina

I’m passionate about beauty since I was a kid. I was a little girl with big dreams; my mom liked us, my sisters and I, to focus in school but I always like beauty, so I convinced my mom to register me on a beauty school in my country. I enjoyed so much, by then, we didn’t have mannequins, we practiced with one another.


At twenty years old, I came to the United States, got married: fun but no fun, difficult times. When I decide to separate from my baby’s dad, I know things out here won’t be easy since I was a housewife for too long. Well, I decide to try a new adventure: went to school, works hard during the day, so I can make money to pay for school.


I met a lady in River Oaks area in Houston (Highland village). She practically adopted me, mentor me, so I started working at her salon and built a clientele from the very upscale area in Houston.


In 2013, we moved out from the area for a new construction. I moved into Posh salon Houston, it was a great experience for me. Since posh went out of business, I decided to open my small studio. In the same area located in Blvd Place in Post Oak Blvd, it is not easy to start without money in my pocket.


I didn’t know where to start but God always put angels in our way when we work hard and we try our best, good people recognize good people.


I’ve been in Houston for the past 23 years. When I was with my baby’s dad, we only speak Spanish at home.

I learned English 6 years ago, out at work talking to others listening music. I’m proud of myself and where I’m now and I keep moving forward. I can say everything is possible if you work hard, have faith and believe in yourself. I’m happily single, enjoying life and passionate about making women feel good about themselves.

It hasn’t been a smooth road as Latina in this country without speaking fluent English in my beginning; there are many challenges that I had to go through but these challenges made me stronger and look forward.


"My life hasn’t been easy but I always see the good side in hard situations. I learned to dance in the rain. There is always light at the end of the tunnel base on my difficult life and hard times that I’ve been through, I can say that you’ll find a light at the end."

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