What to expect

A web presence is one of the most powerful marketing tools in today’s digital age. For most small business owners and entrepreneurs, having your very own website sounds exciting, yet overwhelming - just like going through the process of building your dream home.


There is a lot of work involved behind the scene, several steps, small details and many things to think about, but at the end, it will be worth it when you see your vision and concepts gradually evolving to life


This step will help both of us understand our goals and ask questions in order to help minimize any miscommunications and eliminate doubts early in the process. 

Identify the services you need for your website

Quote Submission

Review & Sign Service Agreements

Deposit due

Project Begins

Discovery phase

Questions & Answers 

Onsite Photography (if applicable)

Photo Editing Process 

Content Development (if applicable)

Ongoing feedback 

Website Building Process

Mockup Website Creation

Reviews & Revisions 

Final Approval

2nd Payment due (the rest of payment)

Website goes live

Website transfer & training

Project Completion


is the most important piece in bringing your dream website to life. It is very important to have full clarity and definition of what you want your website to be and have, and describe it in details. Sometimes it can be difficult to articulate vision and ideas on your mind. Photos or websites (which you like) are great ways to help us visualize your concepts.

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