Ditch your IG pods & say bye bye to that follow train..

Time to grow your IG in a way that feels good to your soul, is fun & impactful


Here's how we're going to grow our Instagram with heart and joy

By Sunday night, I'll release a new challenge/topic (via IG DM) so that you have time to prepare.

On Thursday, post that challenge to your Instagram and tag me only after you publish/share that post.

Use #TatIGChallenge hashtag

Step 2

Step 1

I'll  post mine and tag all of you.

Step 3

Get social!

Support one another by visiting other ladies' posts. 


Try to go the extra mile and leave a meaningful comment other than "like". 

Step 4

Rinse, Repeat & Celebrate each other

This is not for people who:

1. Expect an overnight result and a ton of followers

2. Want to pitch and sell their products/services at every opportunity they get.


Yes, we all need sales and clients, but I truly believe there's a time and place for that. Let's focus on getting to know other people first.

3. Don't have the time/desire or commitment to comment on other people's posts. 

Social media is called social media for a reason. It's a place to interact and we can set about 15 minutes a week to support your new friends.


As long as you're being intentional about the time you spend on social media, reading and commenting on 4-5 people shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes.

It will not be fair to others if we expect them to leave a comment on our posts, but you don't return the love. Let's help each other and it's a good way to think how to engage in a conversation.

Ready for your 1st challenge this Thursday, 4/23?

Now the real challenges

Do a video post if you want to go outside your comfort zone (or do a written post if you aren't ready yet)

Don't follow other ladies at this point but please visit them and leave a meaningful comment/question

No more "posting on the fly"

No more "I don't know what to say"

Can I invite my friend to join? Absolutely yes, but we want to slowly add people so that we have time to get to know everyone. Please DM me their IG accounts.

Let's the fun begin!!

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