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Having a website is more than putting a few sentences and pictures on it. Remember that it is your official business profile, the first impression and most importantly the opportunity to increase your customers & revenue. At the same time, you don’t need lengthy information. You just have to get it right. Photos are a great way to grab attention as I mentioned above. Make sure you have high quality, eye-catching, detailed and vibrant photos that show your products well. Since your customers cannot see/feel your products in person, it helps when they get a good feel about your products just by looking at different angles from the pictures.


This is especially true for the restaurant business. Low quality, dull & blurry images of food can make your decadent, beautifully presented dishes look bad. And yes, Yelp is a great site that helps advertise your restaurant but don’t let the poor photos from some reviewers turn your potential new customers away. You have a full control over your website so you can make sure you put the best, highest quality photos of you products there to showcase them.


In this document, I’ve outlined the list of questions that will help me understand your goals/vision and needs for your business for moving forward along with the scope of work.

Getting to know you and your business

Why this is important? In order to photograph and/or create your website that best represents your products/services and attract your targeted customers, it is very crucial for me to have an understanding of your business (your targeted customers, your products, your style and your mission for example). So the questionnaire below will allow me to


Will take place at client’s property. A photographer is responsible for providing the following:

  • Consultation  

  • Photo session(s) – up to 3 sessions (make-up session included)

  • Styling

  • Photo editing/enhancing (not changing/altering)

  • Deliver post-editing images to client within 5 calendar days for approval.

  • Client will receive up to 15 post editing, high-resolution digital images (watermark free, royalty free*)

    *Images can be used without having to pay royalties to the creator. Under a standard royalty free license, a photo or illustration may be used for private and professional creations and application; for example, on a website or in print advertising.

Client’s responsibilities

  • Review Client’s Questionnaire and/or reply ahead of a scheduled session(s)

  • Clearly communicate with the photographer about your styling preferences

  • Prepare products / locations / areas prior & during photo session. Please ensure the area(s) is safe and cleared of hazards/fragile objects which could cause unintentional property damage(s). I will not be held responsible for any damages in case client’s property has not been prepared for photo session.

  • Review, approve and respond photos within 3 calendar days.

I can help you and your business in one stop shop


Unlike other providers, you will have yo go to at least 2-3 people in order to get your new website set up. 


Let's say you are going to start a small tea company. You will need someone to photograph your products. With that said, it depends on how you want your products to look online. You can do it yourself or ask friends or family members to help but will the photos turn out beautifully?  That depends on the skill level. Professional photographers are not cheap and there are valid reasons. The quality of photos and techniques used by seasoned photographers are generally higher in quality compare to camera on our smart phones or entry level cameras. 


I am not a professional photographer and will not claim to be one but I have had experience with both DSLR and Photoshop CS in the past 7 years. I personally own a Canon and a Nikon. I love taking photos of various objects, people, animals and places and I want to take my hobby to the next level. If you like my style, check my portfolio out and contact me. 


Next is extremely important but is often being overlooked by small business owners - online branding/marketing/user experience strategies. Yes you want to advertise, you want your customers to add & buy your products but just having a website won't get you where you want to be. Don't forget about engaging and connecting with your customers. Build a website that makes sense, is simple, is easy to navigate and most importantly gives positive feelings that make them want to take actions (buy). Tell them a bit about you, how did you come up with this business and how your products can make a difference in your customers' life or choices. 


Third, it is time to translate your ideas to the website. 

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