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A dentist with a cowgirl hat, boots, and a country life

What come to your mind when you hear a word "dentist"? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? A person in a white coat standing with a dental tool in one of his/her hands and a patient laying down in a dental chair at some fancy dental office? That's something we see often on dentist's websites, isn't it? Well, that was not the image that Dr. Lia Risk of Brazos Hills Dental in Normangee and Centerville, Texas wanted to present for her private dental practice at all. She wanted to be different.

A family dentist in Normangee and Centerville, Texas
Dr. Lia Risk and her husband

Dr. Risk and her husband purchased two dental offices from my previous client (Dr. Dennis Ellison of DennisMyDentist to enjoy his retirement) and moved to the area earlier in 2021. At first, the conversation started out as me helping them figure out a way to redirect clients to their new website from Dr. Ellison's website. Then I talked them into having me built their dental practice website and here we are. Thank you both for trusting me to build this website for Brazos Hills Dental, it's truly an honour and I had so much fun with this project.

Dr. Risk had a clear vision for her dental brand and website. She didn't want her website to look like typical dentist's websites. Admiring a serene life in a small town Texas and her patients living in the surrounding small farming communities, she wanted her website to be relatable.

Building a website to reflect a client's personality, mission, and passion is one of my top priorities. I don't want two websites to look or feel the same even if they are in the same industry/business. Each person is different, so is his/her website.

With information from Dr. Risk, I created one mood board for her branding colors (she already had them identified and ready) and two different version of the website looks. They both immidiately were drawn to the version with a little girl holding a baby goat. Her website has warm wood accent in the header and footer areas, deep teal and navy blue, and a touch of serene bluish gray.

We used a combination of their staff photos and some really pretty stock photos. I know some people don't like using stock photos because you can tell right away, but if you look hard enough. You'll be able to find some really amazing ones out there. There are several websites that offer free stock photos that you can use and also the paid version. I'll have to do a seperate post for stock photos if you're interested. For the photos I used on Brazos Hills Dental, I use a combo of Wix and Unsplash stock photos. I thought they turned out nicely.

Now let's check out the rest of their wesite, head over to and let me know what you think :)

Web designer in League City, Texas
Let me help with your website

If you've been thinking about a way to improve your current website or build one, I'll be happy to hop on a call to give you a few pointers.

There is no pressure in anyway, you can decide if you want me to help either teach you or build one for you.

Let's get your business going strong in 2022 by utilizing a website to offload, streamline, and make life a bit easier for your small business.

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