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Creating joyful moments in 2020

This rose gives me an inspiring story about resiliency and perseverance. If you find that the year 2020 has been a very difficult year, you aren't alone. I'm hoping that this post uplifts you in some ways as how this rose uplifts me.

Jump for joy rose
Thrive like a rose in summer heat

"Why do you want to plant rose in the middle of summer in Texas? It is out of season and crazy hot" my husband asked.

I believe that beautiful things can manifest and grow even in the toughest moments. Just like how the rose thrives and even blooms during brutal Texas heat and drought.

This year has been difficult for many of us in the realm of personal life and business. We have gone though so many different emotions since the begining of pandemic. Allow yourself to rest, sit still and not worry about acheiving big goals. We are trying to survive this year. Don't be too hard on yourself. Perhaps this is the year to explore and fulfill your long life dreams.

I've always wanted to have a flower garden, particularly full of roses. For years, I never had any sucess with roses due to diseases such as blackspots and etc. However, I'm trying my rose garden project again this summer and look forward to seeing where it goes. I find nature to be very theraputic and soothing in such times like these.

Something beautiful and strong will grow inside you. As long as you can push through this year, you would be proud of yourself when you look back. Don't forget to create your joyful moments and take care.

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