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The year 2020 isn't over, there's still hope and we can start fresh.

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

I know it's hard to beleive that your businss will do well the rest of 2020, but there's still hope. Recently, I came acorss a few posts on FB about how the 2020 planner was such a waste of money. I still believe that there's an opportunity to be found in every dire situation and a BIG part has to do with how we think and believe. Every slow, small but consistent step can still make a difference. Even if you don't see an immediate result in your revenue but emotionally you know you've made a progress for yourself.

It isn't going to be an easy road seeing how much damage Covid-19 has done to our economy at every scale from community, state, nation to global market. As a business owner, I'm sure you have this very same question. Is it worth to move forward? Should I still dream, plan and try?

I hope your answer is yes. Perhaps you aren't ready now. Perhaps life throws a lot of challenges at you now to the point that thinking about moving your business forward isn't something you want on your mind. That is okay. Each of us faces different struggles be it financially, emotionally, physically or mentally.

When you're okay and ready to go at it again, please know you can always start over and start fresh. It is never too late.

You may feel discouraged with the thought of "starting over again" becasue it seems like starting from zero when you have come this far. I know for me, I felt discouraged when looking at the situation that way but my mindset shifted significantly when I thought about it differently.

What if we look at this situation as a way to review, reset and reinvent the way we operate our business? Has it been efficient? Has it served us in the way we want?

Could it be done differently? - this question can be a game changer

Many of us may have thought about "trying, testing out something different in our business" but never got the time to do so when we're busy griding and hustling.

For me personally, there have been many things I thought about trying but nothing got done because I never got to set aside the time for it, lacked motivation, didn't know where to start and felt disorganized/overwhelmed.

A few months ago, a good (virtual) friend Kaprice Del Cerro of, told me about her vision to create her very own business planner becuase she couldn't find the one that fits her needs. And guess how many planners/notebooks I've bought to date? Probably 7 but I haven't found the one either. Her planner perked my interest of course. Knowing Kaprice, she's a very thorough, systematic and thoughtful busines planner. Her ability to break down big tasks into small, actionable/doable items never ceases to amaze me. I know her planner is worth checking and I had to be one of the people to support her (so no, this isn't a sponsored post). I paid for this planner and it's one of the best $18 I've spent.

What I think is helpful about this planner is that it is the kind of planner that guides you think, plan and be more intentional. For most of us business owners/entrepeneurs, we are always on the go. We think fast, we act fast but sometimes we aren't as intentional as we should be when it comes to planning our hours/days in order to get the most out of it. Especially during these uncertain times, my thoughts are scattered all over the place. Having this kind of structure makes a difference for me and it helps me stay focused and get things I want to finish done.

I made this video to show some key features of the Helluva planner (don't you love the name?) so hopefully it gives you a good glimsp of this awesome planner.

Here's a link to her Etsy shop

Let's start planning the rest of 2020, don't let this pandemic stop us from shining. We can still turn it around and make the second half an amazing year.

Take care and talk to you soon.

Tat from

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