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Will your business survive this Covid-19? Here's a story that can boost your mood & mind

If you're like me, you had many exciting and big plans for 2020. You started this year strong, you got the momentum going...but out of nowhere this virus came crushing your big dream(s), business and you feel shattered.

Over the past 2-3 weeks, many of us have been adjusting to this new life/routine. A life at home 24/7, a life with spouse/kid(s), a life filled with fears, uncertainty and financial worries. Staying/working at home has been a blessing/dream comes true for some, but also stressful and difficult for others.

There are days when I lose my motivation and feel down, wonder if my dream of turning this side business into a fulltime business will ever come, wonder if there will be clients who can afford my services seeing how most people will have financial challenges for months to come. 

Should I still keep putting myself out there? It has felt like I am wasting time and efforts putting out content after content on social media and on my website. I keep hearing crickets.

Then my perspectives changed because of this one DIY mask tutorial blog post....

While randomly searching for a DIY mask tutorial, I came across this cute craft website which ranked on the first page of Google wjen I typed in "diy mask pattern". I glanced and saw the date when this person wrote the blog post. It was dated back in 2013. 

That means 7 years later, this DIY mask blog post gets found by more people and gets more traffic than it has been for several years.  

I am almost positive that this person had no idea that one day the world would be searching for her sewing/craft knowledge/talents. Who would have thought that a cloth mask would become one of the most sought after items in 2020.

Who would have thought?? 

That diy mask blog post really made my day. 

Keep putting your big or small, crazy or average ideas out there because you just never know when the world will be looking for it.

If you're looking for a diy mask tutorial, here it is

Get your diy mask pattern and get inspired :) Stay safe, stay healthy and take care.

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