Website Plan Overview

Dear Dr. Dennis & Christa,  

A web presence is one of the most powerful marketing tools in today’s digital age. For most small business owners and entrepreneurs, having your very own website sounds exciting, yet overwhelming - just like going through the process of building your dream home.


There are a lot of work involved behind the scene, several steps, small details and many things to think about, but at the end, it will be worth it when you see your vision and concepts gradually evolving to life. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this exciting project


I strongly believe in building a business and relationship based on trust and transparency with the people I work with. Before moving forward, I'd like to outline the process, timeline, expectations, and responsibilities.

This step will help both of us understand our goals and ask questions in order to help minimize any miscommunications and eliminate doubts early in the process. Most importantly, this is a great time to evaluate whether my services are the right fit for you.

Review the Process & Know what to expect

Identify the services you need for your website

Quote Submission

Review & Sign Service Agreements

Client Questionnaire

Project Begins

Questions & Answers 

Onsite Photography (if applicable)

Photo Editing Process 

Photo Editing Process 

Content Development (if applicable)

Continuous feedback 

Website Building Process

Mockup Website Creation

Reviews & Revisions 

Final Approval

Domain Name & Hosting

Project Completion

Website goes live

Website transfer



is the most important piece in bringing your dream website to life. It is very important to have full clarity of what you want and be able to describe it. Sometimes it can be difficult to articulate your vision. Photos or websites (which you like) are great ways to help me visualize your concepts.

My responsibilities

As a web designer/photographer/branding person, my responsibilities include


- Understanding your goals and objectives.


- Capturing everything that matters to you and your brand/business in a form of high quality, 

   eye-catching and artistic photos at your location.


- Connecting your story/concepts to your brand.


- Developing the messages to convey the audiences to take actions (call-to-action).


- Putting together a design that is user-friendly, easy for your customers to navigate and best       

  represents your brand.


- Using a code-free, drag and drop website as a platform for your website ( This will make it easier for you to manage and maintain the website, no coding or technical knowledge required.


- Ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the final product and know how to maintain the

  website on your own after project completion. I will always be available whenever you need help.

Important notes

I cannot guarantee more customers, traffic and/or profit because those depend on several factors. The website gives you more exposure when clients want to look you up online or search for a new business/interest/activity.


A website with good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gives it a better chance of being discovered as it shows up higher in the search engine but it doesn't guarantee that a person will take any action. I am not an SEO expert so I will not endorse for the skill I do not know well. However, I will get you set up with the basic SEO and Google Analytics.


My personal philosophy is to create a website that represents your business, visually attractive, unique, tells a story in a way that connects with audiences/your customers.


It is important that once your customers landed on your website, they will want to stay to find out what your business is all about. This can potentially lead them to take further actions or at least consider your business in the future or tell people they know. We don't want people to come to your website, immediately close the window and never come back. High-quality photos and good storytelling are the weapons to capture people's attention in today's ADHD world.


Your website will be built on a Wix platform. The beauty of code-free website builder is that it doesn't require any coding or programming knowledge. You know for sure that you will be able to maintain the website or make any updates you want later on without spending more money to get someone to maintain or update it for you.


The only downside is that you will not be able to transfer the website to another platform since Wix doesn't allow that. However, Wix is one of the best website builders in today's market (you can read more about Wix here). Chances are you will be fine with this platform as long as your website is not an e-commerce with a rapid growth rate. 


Each project is unique and it really depends on what you want to have. Sometimes "less is more" statement is a way to go, but other times "the more, the merrier" works better for certain websites.


- What type of services do you wish to have?

   Website Design/Photography/Branding - all three, any combinations or just one?


- Domain name / hosting / privacy listing costs are at client's expense.


Domain Name is your web url ( for example). This is compared to your home address.


Hosting Fee: when you have a website, you need to host it somewhere on the internet. The hosting companies charge you a monthly fee (you pay per year). Just like renting an apartment or a storage facility, you pay on a monthly basis to get a living space or a storage space for your belongings.


Privacy Listing: when you register for a domain name, people can look up the information to see who owns the website (it will list your name, address, and contact number). If you wish to keep this information private, we have an option to pay (about $10/year) to hide this information from the public.


These are the fees you will pay yearly to the web hosting company (in this case, it is The cost is approximately $170 per year (with the "Unlimited" plan).


Wix usually offers 50% discount on their plan to the new customers during the first year. So it is best to wait for that discount (which can be as low as $100 for the first year). However, the following years will be normal prices at $14/ month which is not bad at all.



Next Step

Please let me know what you need for your website


1) Web design / photography / branding Or all 3.



2) What type of information do you wish to have on your website?


3) When do you want to have your website?



I will then prepare a quote for you to review.

Thank you