Does the world need another

web designer + photographer? 

I don't know but here I am :)


My journey in visual designs started long before I thought about becoming a business owner, as a matter of fact, I  never though about becoming business owner one bit.  It was too scary for me to go outside the box.


I started building  websites back in 2002 for myself as I was building a forum for a group of people and customized blogs for a few blogger friends. I kept web design as a hobby for the longest time and had a lot of fun with it. Then came the year 2009, my world changed forever when I became a mother of a little girl. Talking about a life-changing event!! 


All of sudden, I wanted to capture every moment of my daughter. For the 1st time in life, I wanted to take photos. I had absolutely no interest in photography prior to that and even hated being in the photos. Since then, I've taken photos of her, our cats, our food, everything in sight then friends, strangers, neighbors. You name it.


Like most people, I followed the path of society to go to good school in order to get a good job at a good company. I've spent over a decade in my adult life yeas playing safe thinking that I was "secured" until life happened. In 2014, a major changed hit the industry that I was in and within the same year I faced a health scare, my life was never the same again.

Those two events really got me thinking about everything I was doing in the past decade. It prompted me to change and started thinking about some changes. Something had to change. It took another 4 years to finally connect the dots. I didn't know what I wanted to do for a business but one day everything seemed to click, those ideas that once were scattered fell into places. Both paths (web design and photography) finally merged and emerged.


I believe that my skills can make a difference in someone's life in a way that makes their web design journey less overwhelming, stressful and frustrating.


Just more joy and excitement.


The result is a powerful, aesthetically designed website that both you & your clients love.


Please allow me to take the guesswork, worries and all of the hassles out of your busy schedules and return the precious time back to you, so you can fully focus on other aspects of the business that you enjoy as well as the clients you serve. 

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