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"A good web design starts with a positive relationship and trust"


Lack of response and leaving clients to guess are serious issues that most clients are frustrated about when it comes to hiring freelancers or contractors in just about every industry.


Before starting a project, a 15-30 minute discovery meeting is crucial. This gives both of us an opportunity to learn about each other, find out whether we're the right fit,  and set expectations before moving forward.

Not every client is the right fit, and I will tell you what I can or cannot do so that you can make an informed decision. 


If we're the right fit, we'll dive deep to understand your business needs and customize an actionable and effective marketing plan specifically for your business, so you can achieve your desirable GOALS & RESULTS.



"Transparency and customer's satisfaction"


A trust between a client and a service provider is difficult to build in the first place. Just like every industry, not everyone puts an effort in providing excellent customer service.


Customers are often frustrated due to a lack of response or miscommunication. Unfortunately, this is common and it is up to the client to find a new service provider or feel like they are stuck since so much time and energy have been invested. Time (and often money) is wasted, trust is ruined, yet a project is not getting anywhere.


You can expect a well-honed process, see your project scope, check on your project as often as you want when you want, and most importantly stay informed throughout the entire project life cycle. That includes a regular email update (daily or every other day).


"Every website is built with thoughtful marketing, branding, business strategies, corporate experience, user experience, visual content, storytelling, and big picture focuses."


With a unique mix of skills and experience in marketing, branding, photography, videography, HR & process improvement, your website will be like no others.


I offer creative and hands-on approaches to help small businesses, not only from a web design aspect.


Most web designers know how to make the websites look beautiful and show up on Google but often lose focus on you, your clients and your business. I heavily focus on understanding your business and clients in order to develop the brand that will help your website stand out from the crowd. 


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